Your Favorites Only at McCaffrey Dolce Vita

McCaffrey Dolce Vita Offers a wide range of appetizers that will prepare you for what is about to follow. One of the most popular appetizers is the bruschetta. This classic Italian selection goes for $7 and features basil, onions, freshly chopped tomatoes, garlic-infused olive oil, and toasted baguette slices. The Vietnamese spring roll goes for $9 and features hoisin chili dipping sauce, cucumber strips, green onion, chopped radish, grated carrots, bean sprouts, and Shrimp. McCaffrey Dolce Vita also offers a mouth-watering stuffed mushroom appetizer. This selection features fresh parmesan cheese, parsley cream cheese, Italian bread crumbs, garlic, onion, sausage, and 4 gourmet-sized mushrooms. The Dolce Vita Poppers go for $8 and feature raspberry dipping sauce, broiled parmesan, prosciutto, garlic, cream cheese, and jalapenos.

McCaffrey Dolce Vita’s salad selection uses the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients. Their selection also boasts some of the most unique names. Their salad selection known as “It is All Greek to Me” goes for $9 and features a wonderful combination of lemon dressing, olive oil, feta, green pepper, Kalamata olives, thin sliced red onion, and fresh tomato. You can also add the Tziki sauce and Gyros meat for an extra cost of $3. McCaffrey Dolce Vita has a salad selection dubbed, “Hail To Caesar” that also goes for $9. It features freshly grated parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, homemade caesar dressing, and fresh Romaine lettuce. You also have the option of adding shrimp or chicken for an extra cost of $3. McCaffrey Dolce Vita’s house salad goes for $9 and features balsamic raspberry vinaigrette, fresh sliced strawberries, black grapes, black and green olives, shredded carrots, red onions, fresh cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and organic mixed greens.

Entrees and Pasta
The chicken creole has the perfect taste to awaken your taste buds and is among the most popular entrees at McCaffrey Dolce Vita. This selection goes for $13 and offers a wonderful blend of creole seasoning, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, celery, garlic, onions, sauteed mushrooms, andouille sausage, and grilled chicken. Equally delightful is the seafood manicotti which goes for $13 and features Alfredo sauce, a cream filling, haddock, crab, lobster, Manicotti noodles. Capellini goes for $12 and features angel hair pasta, extra virgin olive oil, sauteed basil, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. You can also add chicken or shrimp at an extra cost. The Mediterranean pasta is a delightful vegetarian pasta that goes for $13 and features balsamic vinaigrette, fresh basil, feta cheese, mushrooms, sweet red pepper, tomato, Kalamata olives, red onion, sauteed garlic, and linguine.

Po’Boys and Sandwiches
Items on this part of the menu are accompanied by the side of the day or chips. The New Orleans original is a sandwich that’s worth dying for. The sandwich goes for $9 and features tomatoes, lettuce, brown mustard, mayonnaise, smoked provolone, mushrooms, green peppers, French baguette, onions, and fried potatoes. The meatball po’boy is one of the most tantalizing delights offered at McCaffrey Dolce Vita. This election goes for $9 and features smoked provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, brown mustard, mayo, onion, gravy, amber beer, and garlic meatballs. The lemon chicken is also quite delicious and promises an exciting adventure for your palate. This selection goes for $9 and features a wonderful blend of red onion, fresh tomato, garlic, aioli sauce, cracked wheat bread, smoked provolone cheese, black pepper, chicken, and fresh lemon. McCaffrey Dolce Vita also offers a traditional Gyros that goes for $9 and features a wonderful combination of pita bread, homemade tzatziki sauce, red onion, tomato, and slow-roasted beef and lamb.